The subscription or "time & material"?
Our clients have a choice: get analytical resources under subscription conditions or full project implementation on time and material basis.

Our subscription approach

All service packages include three main modules:

  • Setting up an analytical data processing system and its maintenance
  • Additional research to enrich data, if necessary
  • Analytical reports with recommendations
  • ML model and BI dashboards creation

Depending on your project complexity and estimated time to complition choose one of the following packages:

  • Basic (from 50 till up to 100 hours per month)
  • Advanced (from 100 till up to 200 hours per month)
  • Full support (from 200 hours per month)

Each next package includes the previous one. All prices are in EUR.

Package options:

6k EUR
A team of 5 BI/DS specialists from 100 hours per month
All from the Basis package
Reproducible data exploration
Statistical inference and regression models
Detailed answers to business questions
3k EUR
A team of 3 BI/DS specialists from 50 hours per month
Data collection and cleaning
Data consolidation and DWH management
Sorting, categorization and descriptive statistics
Data visualization (BI)
Full support
12k EUR
A team of 8 BI/DS specialists from 200 hours per month
All from the Advanced package
Predictive Models
Machine learning Models
Decision Trees (Rationale for Choice)
Содержание модулей с увеличением уровня сложности решаемых задач на каждом этапе можно оценить в таблице ниже.

Our "time & material" approach (BI)

The work is structured (with BI project as an example) as follows:
Team briefing, formation of preliminary Tech Assignment (TA) and signing an NDA. 1-3 days.
Get access to your data (cloud solution, database on the company's server or tabular view). 1-3 days.
Analyze the data, form a preliminary prototype of the project and discuss the intermediate result with the client team. 2-10 days.
Make BI reports structure, offer KPI options for involved stakeholders. Check with the original Tech Assignment and finalize it with the client team. 5-15 days.
Make a working BI prototype (sketch). Automate data collection, set up all filters. Adding details. 2-4 days.
Maktethe final BI report version. Finalize the design and functionality of the dashboard. Coordinate communication and all stakeholders input. 2-7 days.
Finalize the documents and clarify the format of technical support for the solution.
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